What is Zip?

A non-invasive skin closure device that’s free of punctures and full of advantages.

Zip is skin closure done better, offering the comfort you want and the results you need.

Zip is less painful when compared to sutures and staples7 and increases patient satisfaction11. It’s a puncture-free skin closure4 that’s more comfortable after surgery, stronger during recovery12 and less painful to remove7. Win. Win. Win.

How Zip works

Unlike sutures and staples, Zip improves your experience by creating a puncture-free skin closure4.

Isolating the incision

Zip holds the edges of an incision together with a gentle adhesive, allowing for less pain7, and uses plastic straps to keep the incision closed and protected – so you can focus on healing.

Allowing for movement 7,10

With sutures and staples, moving around can make it harder for your incision to heal. But Zip’s unique, flexible design lets you move freely during recovery7,10.

Using Zip means being able to move while you heal 7,10


With four different lengths, Zip works for many procedures. It can also be trimmed, cut or combined for any type of incision.

Everyone can Zip

Since Zip’s adhesive is less painful to remove than staples or sutures7, it’s a perfect fit for delicate skin.

Zip more, scar less3,7

Skin closure should look as good as it feels. That’s why Zip allows for less scarring than staples or sutures3,7.

Zip’s got the moves

Zip is flexible, allowing you to move more during healing7,10 – so you can focus on recovery.

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November 16, 2020

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November 16, 2020

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November 9, 2020

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