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Zip gave Jesse the results he deserved

After Jesse’s Leukemia experience required him to undergo a hip replacement, Zip allowed him to feel great after surgery.


I honestly had no real pain around the incision, it wasn’t itching me, it wasn’t bothering me at all, which I know are some of the things that can come along with suture and staples.

Jesse Decker was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2001. After fighting through Leukemia, Jesse underwent a hip resurfacing procedure. In 2020, Jesse needed to have a revision of the original hip procedure and utilized Zip. Jesse advocated for himself and talked to his doctor about the benefits of Zip. Jesse knew his doctor had exposure to the technology and would be comfortable with the results. After surgery, he was happy to see that his doctor had used Zip to close the incision instead of sutures or staples. Zip helped decrease the risk of infection and bacteria by decreasing the access points for bacteria around the surgical site. Jesse found that the incision looked and felt great following the procedure. “The maintenance of the incision was really easy,” he remembers. Jesse changed the dressing every few weeks on his own and easily removed Zip by himself at home as instructed by his doctor. Just two months after surgery, Jesse could continue impactful aerobic activities, such as biking and playing pickleball. He felt incredible. Overall, he was extremely happy with his surgeon, the procedure itself, and his experience with Zip.

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